How does an ERC20 Token work?

An ERC20 token is not exactly a token by Ethereum, but it is a token based on the same blockchain that empowers Ethereum/Ether. ERC20 Token Development Company build your decentralized token in the same ETH blockchain environment using the ERC20 smart contracts. Here’s how it works

You choose a name and purpose (idea) for your token. We will handle the development of smart contracts and token. An ICO (probably in multiple phases) sale will be held to collect funds from interested investors in exchange for your future tokens. People, who choose to buy your ERC20 tokens, will collectively own them. Then, you can either put your tokens on hold, allow trading through your own or any other cryptocurrency exchange or extend their usage to more physical/real world applications.

Development Process

Developing an ERC20 token from scratch requires very good knowledge of Solidity, the language in which Ethereum is coded, and this is exactly what our token developers are expert in. Our ERC20 development process included the following steps.

  • Project Discussion with Client
  • Idea Evaluation and Planning
  • Platform development
  • Token Creation & Distribution
  • Whitepaper development (Optional)
  • ICO Release & Marketing (Optional)

ERC20 Development Services by Wingstud Infotech

We offer a range of ERC20 Token Development and trading services.

Token Creation
We will help you develop a powerful and impenetrable ERC20 crypto coin based on your specific requirements. We write our own customized source code based on the ETH open source code available on the internet. You will be able to sell coins, transfer to other users or trade on popular exchanges.

ICO Development
In addition to developing your coin, we can also help you develop and run a successful ICO campaign in order to market your tokens and generate funds for the project. Our expert digital marketers will promote your ICO campaigns through newsletters, social media and word of mouth to make it as successful as possible.

Digital Wallet
Depending on your need, our software developers can also help you get a dedicated digital wallet for your ERC20 token. The wallet will be available for all your token users and investors, who will be able to manage and use their coins through their personal wallet accounts. However, the digital wallet services are exclusive of token creation.

Token Transfer
The ERC20 digital wallet offers a great number of features including the facility to transfer tokens to other users by using a unique wallet address. Users, through wallet app on their phones, can transfer tokens to other users, or use the same to transact for other things at local or online stores.

Listing on Exchanges
In addition to creating and launching the token, we can also list your token on various popular exchanges to facilitate their trading and sale. These trade platforms work like stock exchanges where buyers can choose to buy your token based on its popularity and market value.

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